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– Jewel Darger-Sacher (she/they)

Getting nothing done? Get lots of little done! (a housekeeping tip from mom)

Today's task: break down the cardboard that's piling up by the front door for recycling.

I got started... but then I got distracted because I was thirsty.

My waterbottle is empty. Let's take it to the kitchen sink.

While the waterbottle is filling up,* I'll clean the kitchen a little.

I see the kitchen trash is full. Let's take that out to the garage.

Turns out I left some cardboard boxes in the garage. I'll bring those inside to break down with the rest.

And ... I've made it back to the stack of cardboard boxes, but with housekeeping inertia!

Even if I end the day with more cardboard than I started, I still took care of lots of housekeeping!

* Kinda wanna buy an internet-of-trash kitchen faucet that I can yell at to "okay gluggle, fill my waterbottle."