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Is it good enough to ship? (a housekeeping tip from mom)

Philosophy and Tactics #

Am I spinning in circles? #

If I'm struggling to decide "is this good enough," I have some quick rubrics:

Don't boil the ocean #

Keep eyes on the prize! If there's opportunities to raise the quality in aspects that aren't directly related
to what I'm trying to accomplish, I can take those on ... after I accomplish my main goal.

Sociotechnical Tooling #

Reduce the blast radius #

Did I set up a mechanism to prevent this from impacting people outside the scope I want? Not just end users but co-workers who have to fix the problem!

Feature flags are friends.

Escape hatches #

If this turns out bad, how do I easily recover?

Rubrics: What's the bar for "quality?" #

If I'm working on a team, we should agree on a rubric for "good enough". Ain't nobody got time to
constantly re-litigate quality standards, so write them down -- preferably in a machine-readable format
that you can feed into automated tooling like linters.

Linters #

Can the computer enforce the quality standards?