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Pave a Path towards Putting Away (a housekeeping tip from mom)

A theme from Susan C Pinsky's "organizational systems" book:

Reusable things: clothes, pots, pans, flatware, tools #

For things you periodically reuse, make it easy to put things into storage.

Adam Savage's principle for storage systems of "first order of retrieval" is, by the same token, a "first order of putting-away." Storage should have open access (front or top) or at most 1 step (open a door/lid/drawer) to access the storage.

Consumable supplies: ingredients for cooking, toothpaste, shampoo #

For things you consume and need to replace, make it easy to fetch the replacements! Pinsky advises "only keep enough supplies on hand to make it to your next shopping run (and if you run out between shopping runs, you're clever and make do with something else).