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Housekeeping Tips from Mom
Shitposting about resilience engineering with ADHD
– andytuba (they or he)


  1. Put it in the binder
  2. Keep Showing Up
  3. Is it good enough to ship?
  4. Done is Better than Perfect
  5. Empty the trash when it gets full
  6. Pave a Path towards Putting Away
  7. Is this Trash?
  8. Fly, my pretties!
  9. Empty the Trash
  10. Find the fun (when it looks boring)
  11. Why bother with quarterly planning?
  12. Bite off more than you can chew--and spit it out
  13. Getting nothing done? Get lots of little done!
  14. It's okay to leave laundry in the dryer
  15. Buy the Rice Krispie Treats from the store